The list of worst passwords of 2017 is named

SplashData, a provider of information security services, annually compiles a list of the most popular passwords on the basis of millions of stolen logins, which eventually fall into open access. And every year we do not cease to be surprised by human stupidity.

You probably already guessed which two passwords are the most unreliable, but nevertheless the most commonly used ones. This, of course, is about “123456” and “password”. This year’s list also includes new passwords, as well as those that were missing in last year’s Top 25 of the worst, including “starwars”, “monkey”, “iloveyou”, “whatever” and “freedom”. The most recent, perhaps, can be called “letmein” and ironic “trustno1”.

“Unfortunately, despite the fact that the latest episode can be an excellent addition to the movie Star Wars, the password” starwars “is extremely unreliable for use,” commented SplashData CEO Morgan Slain in a press release.

“Hackers often turn to the terminology used in pop culture and sports to find the right password for other people’s scientific records, as they understand very well that so many people use such words simply because they are easy to remember.”

For the seventh time, SplashData is concerned about the total carelessness of people and calls on all to take a more serious approach to the issue of security on the Net. Using very weak passwords, we actually invite cybercriminals to use their private property, open access to mail with confidential information, pages in social networks and other scholarly records. Everything is so bad that even novice hackers can easily find the right key to your information without any problems.

As a precautionary measure, SplashData is recommended to create complex passwords from letters, numbers and additional symbols (a lattice sign, underline, and so on), and also use different passwords for different accounts. In addition, many services offer two-factor authorization (to enter the system you need to enter the code from the SMS) – it must be connected necessarily, experts warn. For those who find it difficult to remember long passwords, there are many convenient password managers that can not only store all your passwords in one place, but also generate really safe ones.

The full list of worst passwords for 2017 looks like this:

  • 1. 123456
  • 2. Password
  • 3. 12345678
  • 4. qwerty
  • 5. 12345
  • 6. 123456789
  • 7. letmein
  • 8. 1234567
  • 9. football
  • 10. iloveyou
  • 11. admin
  • 12. welcome
  • 13. monkey
  • 14. login
  • 15. abc123
  • 16. starwars
  • 17. 123123
  • 18. dragon
  • 19. passw0rd
  • 20. master
  • 21. hello
  • 22. freedom
  • 23. whatever
  • 24. qazwsx
  • 25. trustno1

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