Tesla received from PepsiCo an order for 100 electric trucks

The new electric truck Tesla gradually continues to attract new customers. The car has not yet been released, but large retail chains have already become interested in them and are making small but very revealing inquiries for its purchase. More recently, the American beer company Anheuser-Busch has made the largest order for 40 electric tractors Semi Truck. However, already today, PepsiCo, the giant of the production of soft drinks and various snacks, decided to make its contribution to the ecological future, making an order for 100 electric trucks.

As noted in the company, the operation of such cars can offer two benefits at once: ecological and economic. In the first case, it will be possible to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and in the second – to save on fuel costs and maintenance.

The initial cost of the Tesla Semi reserve was $ 5,000. Now it is necessary to make an advance payment of $ 20,000. In other words, from this transaction Tesla bank account was replenished with 2 million dollars. If all the trucks ordered by PepsiCo are paid in full (at a price of about $ 150,000), then it will bring the company $ 15 million.

“Reuters” agency found out that Tesla electric tractors will be used by the company mainly on short routes.

“PepsiCo is going to use Tesla Semi trucks to transport goods and beverages between production and distribution companies, as well as to deliver goods to retail outlets within a radius of 800 kilometers from the center. Let’s remind, that general director Tesla Ilon Mask has promised such stock of a course of the electric loaders “.

“Tesla Semi will become part of the US fleet of PepsiCo vehicles, which has almost 10,000 units of equipment, becoming part of the company’s program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. By 2030, the emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere created by the company’s transport chains are planned to be reduced by at least 20 percent, “said the head of the US supply department of PepsiCo, Mike O’Connell, commenting on the purchase of Tesla trucks.

At the moment, PepsiCo is analyzing the most optimal routes for new Tesla trucks and considering the most likely delivery of various types of their goods within the production chain, O’Connell added.

Presented last month, the electric tractor Tesla attracted the attention of several large players in the logistics sector. Literally a day after the announcement, a large American trading network Walmart announced the pre-order of 15 trucks, a little later they were joined by companies such as JB Hunt Transport Services, Ryder, DHL, and the Canadian supermarket chain Loblaw, also issued orders for several cars.

A battery has been developed that can be bent, stretched and even cut

Over the past few years, flexible devices have gone beyond the concepts and have become increasingly flicker in news feeds and at various exhibitions. But for such devices, special batteries are required. And one of them was presented by Singaporean scientists from Nanyang Technological University. Their battery can be bent, stretched and even cut.

The new edition is written by the publication Science Daily, and for the development itself is the team of experts headed by Professor Chen Xiaodong. Scientists managed to create a supercapacitor, which works like a battery for quick charging and can be recharged many times. But the main innovation of the device is not this, but that its structure and shape can be changed during use without harming the battery itself.

Moreover, the new supercapacitor works 4 times longer than any existing flexible batteries, and when stretched several times it retains up to 98% of the original energy capacity even after 10,000 stretching and squeezing. According to preliminary data, the new device should not cost too much, as already now, while production is not adjusted, for only 1 square centimeter of material it is necessary to pay only 0.1 US dollars (10 cents). According to the development manager, Mr. Chen Xiaodong,

“I dream of one day to combine our flexible supercapacitors with sensors to diagnose sports performance. Using them in portable electronics, we will be able to create a device that will be used to monitor the marathoner, tracking various data much more accurately than existing devices. “

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The power of the best Russian supercomputer will double

The capacity of the supercomputer of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov is to be doubled in the next month, said the rector of the Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichy at the meeting of the Integration Club under the chair of the Federation Council on the topic “The Eurasian vector – the future integration”, TASS writes.

This supercomputer is the most powerful in Russia, and after it doubles its performance, it will take the fifteenth place in the world ranking of the strongest computers.

“In a month, maybe less, the capacity of the supercomputer will be doubled at Moscow University. In a few weeks he will start working, “the rector said.

He noted that the most powerful supercomputer is now in China, and said that about 20 percent of all its resources he spends on the calculations given to the social and economic segment, while the remaining 80 are used for scientific calculations.

“We could do the same and make it open for use by ministries and the economy,” the rector of the Moscow State University said, and suggested that such an opportunity be discussed with the senators.

Sadovnichy urged Russian ministries to take the initiative in such matters, noting that in Russia there are all necessary specialists capable of developing the direction of supercomputers, thanks to which the country could become a leader in this field.

Supercomputer “Lomonosov” was installed in Moscow State University nine years ago. Now it contains 6,654 computing nodes, more than 94,000 processor cores, and its peak performance is 1.37 Pflop / s. The performance of the world’s most powerful Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight is 93 Pflope / s.

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Electromotocycle from Harley-Davidson will appear on the roads in 2019

The legendary motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson said that it is working on creating a motorcycle with an electric drive. According to the representatives of the company, the future is for ecological transport, therefore it is necessary to continue to develop this direction.

The prototype of the electric bike is called Livewire – its company introduced in 2014. He could drive only 85 kilometers on one charge and was a very crude demonstration of where Harley-Davidson is heading. Since then, the company has not reported that it is working on a serial model of electric motorcycles. Now its representatives announced that a new eco-friendly bike will appear on the roads as early as 2019.

With the release of the new bike, the company hopes to fix the unimportant business – last year the manufacturer closed one of the plants and reported a decline in sales, but with the release of the electric motorcycle the company plans not only to improve matters, but also to become a leader among other manufacturers.

Head of the company Matt Levatich noted the, that the modern market of electric motorcycles is in its infancy, but company representatives are confident that premium-class Harley-Davidson motorcycles will stimulate interest in electric two-wheeled transport.

Details and technical specifications developers have not yet reported, noting that they will publish them closer to the release of the motorcycle. It is not entirely clear whether the novelty will be a logical continuation of the Livewire prototype series, or it will be something completely new, but in any case, it does not take long to wait.

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Artificial intelligence helps Google save electricity

One of the main and main items of Google’s spending is electricity. Computing centers of the search giant consume a lot of energy, while constantly heating and releasing heat, so they need to be cooled, and this also leads to energy costs. Otherwise, the servers may fail, and this, too, will fly into a pretty penny. Therefore, in order not to waste electricity in vain, as well as to increase the efficiency of its facilities, the corporation decided to start something with this a couple of years ago, then a new startup DeepMind, working on creating artificial intelligence, which Google bought and bought on occasion, came in handy.

Previously, DeepMind specialists taught artificial intelligence to quickly cut into video games on the Atari console, later developed a program that defeated the world champion in the board game Go, and now the guys, not without participation of their developments, help Google save money. Now, under the wing of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, the project brings certain fruits.

DeepMind created a neural network system and connected it to the data center. Additionally included in the circuit program that can predict the temperature based on previously received data. The system turned out to be rather complicated, it works with a lot of parameters, simultaneously taking into account the speed of rotation of coolers, the efficiency of cooling systems in general, windows and much more.

Artificial intelligence has been used by Google for a long time, it has been “friends” with servers for a couple of years, but the program developed by DeepMind has made it possible to make the work of computing centers even more effective. As representatives of DeepMind say, the cost of electricity required to cool their own servers has decreased by almost 40 percent. The metrics measured on the Google servers are more modest, but also inspire optimism.

The diagram above shows the power consumption before the DeepMind system was started even after it was started. The right part of the diagram shows how the indicators fell after it was turned off again.

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Apple casing supplier may be developing lightweight frame for rumored AR wearable

Tim Cook may have recently poured cold water on rumors that Apple was on the verge of announcing its own version of Google Glass, but that isn’t stopping the supply chain from pushing the rumors forward. Nikkei reports that Apple casing supplier Catcher Technology may be developing lightweight frames for Apple AR glasses. Sony A6500 “Based […]

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Steve Wozniak will visit Moscow and read an open lecture at Moscow State University

The famous co-founder of Apple, inventor, programmer, technologist and simply good-natured Stephen “Woz” Wozniak plans to visit the capital of Russia in early October. Woz is known as a man who in the mid-1970s almost single-handedly designed Apple I and Apple II computers that revolutionized and determined the further development of the computer industry. Steve Wozniak will come to […]

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