A battery has been developed that can be bent, stretched and even cut

Over the past few years, flexible devices have gone beyond the concepts and have become increasingly flicker in news feeds and at various exhibitions. But for such devices, special batteries are required. And one of them was presented by Singaporean scientists from Nanyang Technological University. Their battery can be bent, stretched and even cut.

The new edition is written by the publication Science Daily, and for the development itself is the team of experts headed by Professor Chen Xiaodong. Scientists managed to create a supercapacitor, which works like a battery for quick charging and can be recharged many times. But the main innovation of the device is not this, but that its structure and shape can be changed during use without harming the battery itself.

Moreover, the new supercapacitor works 4 times longer than any existing flexible batteries, and when stretched several times it retains up to 98% of the original energy capacity even after 10,000 stretching and squeezing. According to preliminary data, the new device should not cost too much, as already now, while production is not adjusted, for only 1 square centimeter of material it is necessary to pay only 0.1 US dollars (10 cents). According to the development manager, Mr. Chen Xiaodong,

“I dream of one day to combine our flexible supercapacitors with sensors to diagnose sports performance. Using them in portable electronics, we will be able to create a device that will be used to monitor the marathoner, tracking various data much more accurately than existing devices. “

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