The gadget simulator will help to cope with smartphone dependence

Since smartphones have become an important tool in a person’s life, psychologists increasingly identify the dependence on these devices. In its extreme form, it is expressed in the fact that an attempt to take a device from the hands of a person provokes a reaction, as if the baby was deprived of a pacifier. Austrian designer Clemens Schillinger believes that he came up with a solution to the problem.

Smartphone-dependent people are not only those who spend hours on the mobile Internet. They are forced to twist, touch the device, for them the tactile sensation and touching the touch screen is akin to the umbilical cord, which connects with the real world. Even if this is an exaggeration, you can always look back and see a person who automatically pokes into his smartphone, by inertia, without a specific goal.

Schillinger took as his idea the concept of monastic beads – several large ceramic beads are built into the case with dimensions of the flagship model of the smartphone. They are relatively free to rotate around their axes, which when touched creates the illusion of the usual svaypov and tapes, scrolling and even reverse reaction of the touch screen. At the same time nothing happens, the energy of the battery is not consumed, but the fingers and brain of the dependent person get the usual, calming signals.

Schillinger presented his development within the framework of the Vienna Design Week, in different versions. On his page it is written that sales will start “soon”, but the details are not yet known.

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