At the airport “Domodedovo” introduce a system of face recognition

S7 Airlines plans to introduce a face recognition system at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport based on VisionLabs technologies. If you immediately thought about total surveillance or increased security – you were mistaken. In this case, the face recognition system will only be another pleasant option for business class passengers. It will recognize and personalize passengers in order to provide them with targeted information.

The Russian company VisionLabs is engaged in research and development in the field of computer vision and machine learning. All technologies and algorithms used in the company’s products are created solely by its forces, without the involvement of Western partners or the acquisition of others’ developments. One such software is LUNA PLATFORM, a flexible data management system for verifying and identifying individuals. Most likely, it will be used in this project.

The cameras will be installed at the entrance to the business halls of the airport, after which the system will recognize the faces of passengers and remind them in a timely manner of such important information as, for example, the approaching landing on their flight. Representatives of S7 Airlines immediately clarified that all personal data will be entered into the airport base only with the permission of passengers. Collect the same data is planned using a mobile application and taking photos while scanning the boarding pass at the entrance to the business zone.

The first testing of such a recognition system was carried out at the end of last year. The cameras were installed at the entrance to the S7 Airlines office, and in a short time of tests about 50,000 photographs were taken to the system. The accuracy of recognition at the same time was an impressive 90%. What other services can be provided to passengers through the face recognition system – time will tell. But something tells us that without personalized advertising here, too, will not do. In the US, testing of such recognition systems began as early as last year.

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