Apple has officially apologized for deliberately slowing down the iPhone

Not so long ago, a serious drama broke out on the Web , when GeekBench experts found out by experience that as the batteries of some iPhone smartphones deteriorate, they start to work much more slowly than before. Apple tried to defend itself by explaining that this was done in order to avoid sudden gadget shutdowns and to extend the term of their work. But the first lawsuits against the company did not take long. The technological giant from Cupertino had no choice but to publish an official apology on the Web to at least somehow make amends for its users.

Apple values ​​its reputation, so the situation described above can seriously set up a thousand or even hundreds of thousands of users against the famous manufacturer. The official text of the letter turned out to be quite voluminous, and we will not quote it here, limiting ourselves to excerpts from it. If you want to read the original document, you canby this link. In the message, the company tries to explain how exactly the process of aging of batteries takes place, once again stresses that this measure is aimed at preventing unexpected device shutdowns in some situations, and also recognizes that it does not want to upset its users and will try to make amends In front of them.

“We understand that some of our users believe that Apple has let them down. And for that we apologize, the message says. “We have never tried to deliberately shorten the life of our products or to encourage our users to purchase more modern gadgets. Our goal has always been to create products that people will genuinely love. “

In addition to the extended apology, Apple announced that it is now offering customers replacement batteries in service centers at a price of $ 29. Considering that earlier this procedure costed $ 79, a 50-dollar discount is a good attempt to make amends for frustrated users. The renewed service will be launched in the company’s service centers around the world, starting in January 2018. Another good news for many was the promise to release an iPhone firmware update, making its technical state more transparent. Users will be able to see with their own eyes the degree of deterioration of the battery and to assess how much it affects the performance of the system as a whole.

“Here in Apple, the trust of our users means everything to us literally. We will never stop trying to win and maintain it at the highest level. Our work is entirely based on your belief in us and your support, and we do not for a moment forget about it and do not take it for granted. “