# video | How to create special effects for the film “Shape of water”

If you already had time to get acquainted with the new work of the remarkable director Guillermo Del Toro under the name Shape of Water, you probably will be interested in a video about how the masters from the Mr. X created amazing special effects for this picture. If, for some reason, you have not seen the movie yet, we strongly recommend that you preview it, since the video in this material contains serious plot spoilers.

Guillermo Del Toro has always been a master at creating eerie, but irresistibly beckoning tales. Recall at least the worlds he created for such films as Chronos (1993), Mutants (1997), The Devil’s Ridge (2001), Hellboy (2004) and The Labyrinth of the Faun (2006). The director has always been attracted by gloomy stories in which you can let your fantasy unfold. Del Toro always carries a notebook, where he makes all kinds of notes on his future films and numerous sketches of future characters and monsters. With what, and with the monsters in his films, everything was always just fine. Over the film “The Form of Water” Del Toro has worked since 2011 and considers him the most difficult from the technical point of view of his work throughout his career.

The basis of the plot “Forms of water” was the love between the dumb employee of the top secret government laboratory and the mysterious amphibian man who is being held prisoner. The director himself believes that it is water that is an amazing substance that can fill any form. In the film, this feeling fills the main characters, hence the name. If you’ve already seen the movie, you’ll probably be surprised at how much work the artists and animators have done. And now it’s not just about the magnificent monster, which once again played a talented actor Doug Jones. In many scenes, special effects are simply invisible, but they create the right atmosphere and set the tone for the story.

Guillermo Del Toro paid part of the special effects from his own pocket, as the budget could not cover all expenses. Initially, the film was planned to be shot in black and white, but as soon as the producers saw what a great picture the director had planned, they allocated additional funds for making the film color. The film has already won two gold globes (for the best soundtrack and the best director), and also made a success at the Venice Film Festival, where the audience applauded standing for several minutes.

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