A hand scanner MolecuLight i: X will allow to see bacteria in an open wound

In Toronto, completed the first phase of clinical trials of the device called “MolecuLight i: X”. It is designed to make the world of microbes invisible to the naked eye clearly visible. After all, if the doctor knows exactly where the infection is, he can more effectively cope with it.

MolecuLight i: X is a hand-held non-invasive scanner that locates bacteria on the human body without contact with it. Everything happens in two stages. First, a picture of the wound is taken in high resolution under normal lighting, then similar, but with the light turned off and using ultraviolet illumination.

In the ultraviolet, the healthy skin looks pale green, and the bacterial colonies glow red. If two images are compared, the location and size of the population of harmful microorganisms can be determined with high accuracy. And apply the medicine point-by-point, without spending excess medicines and not affecting healthy tissues.

Clinical trials in the Toronto hospital showed that a competent doctor using the MolecuLight i: X scanner can accelerate the healing of a patient’s wounds by a factor of 9-10. After all, he not only sees the bacteria, but also tracks the healing process of the wound as a whole. It is expected that the technology will be approved for use in Canadian hospitals in the near future.

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